DailyTech Gets It All Wrong

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Yesterday, when we found out about BlackBerry’s new unit, BlackBerry Technology Solutions, I was excited. The layoffs are over, and now, finally, BlackBerry is growing under our man John Chen’s strategic plan. I saw all good news. Nnik however told us, we needed to watch for troll posts. That there would be blogs calling out that this was BlackBerry getting out of the device business. I honestly thought that was a long shot, and that Nnik was just a bit shell shocked from all the trolling we have put up with over the last couple years. Well, turn’s out Nnik was right, and I was very much wrong.

“BlackBerry Reinvents Itself, Prepares for Potential Smartphone-Free Future” reads the headline at DailyTech. And we know the typical troll post pattern by now, throw in a huge negative, while trying to sound like you’re rooting for BlackBerry. Many times it’s the author saying that they were a long time BlackBerry user, other times, it’s something like this.

Even if BlackBerry device sales come to a close, new unit could guarantee a modest revenue stream

Nice trick. Sound like you’re being positive about the brand, while trying to put in people’s heads that BlackBerry will be leaving handsets again. But let’s not be too subtle about it..

So far CEO Chen hasn’t ruled out ditching the BlackBerry devices business.  He also hasn’t committed to abandoning ship on the smartphones/mobile OS business quite yet.  But with Q2 2014 sales of BlackBerry devices falling to 1.5 million units globally (0.5 percent of total smartphone sales), some wonder how long BlackBerry to cling to the role of OS developer and device developer.

Ok, nothing new here. Just another blog clinging on to a purposeful misquote in an interview with John Chen. Looks like some more shorts hoping the stock price lowers again. I guess the successful multiple releases of the Z3 mean nothing. The imminent release of the only truly innovative phone of the year, the BlackBerry Passport means nothing. Ho Hum.

The real entertainment here comes in the the comments.

“Doesn’t mean much. Times change. Blackberry has had numerous security advantages, but it’s almost gone.“Almost gone?? Quick! Who have they lost it to? Apple with Doulci and Oleg Pliss? With their numerous hacks which they haven’t been able to stop, to the point that they are now having to have IBM come in to try to patch the holes in their boat? Or perhaps to Android, who really needs to just change the name of the OS to ‘Malware’ just to be more truthful to consumers.

“Why the hell would we want QNX in our vehicles when 85+% of us have an Android phone?
I know an Android-based system will work with my phone and my apps. I do NOT know that’s guaranteed with QNX.
I think the only reason Blackberry has a foothold here is because it’s a fairly virgin market. As soon as strong Linux based competitors (Android) make a push, it’s over for Blackberry just like it’s been for their smartphones.”
Android does have an in-car entertainment system coming, and just like Apples, it’s an overlay that runs on top of QNX. Enjoy your Android system while I enjoy the fact that BlackBerry is making money off of it.

“Not everyone has a smart phone, and even though I do, I wouldn’t want to have to plug it into my car just to listen to some music.”  He’s right you know, a lot of people don’t have smart phones. They have iPhones.

“They have uninvented themselves.” … as Apple is just now inventing what we’ve had on our BlackBerries for the last 2 years.

Isn’t Blackberry already operating in the smartphone-free future? I know some people are still using the antiquated devices but since their marketshare dropped below 0.5% that would qualify in my books as smartphone free operations. Antiquated? It’s the youngest OS on the market right now, and the devices are smoother and faster than the flagships of competitors. You got us on the market share, can’t deny that. But I can say that BlackBerry’s market share has begun to climb, as Apple’s dwindles fast.

“I have a Z10 that I’ve been using for a year and a half. It’s too bad BlackBerry couldn’t get their act together when they launched these devices, the “flow” of the OS seems much stronger to me than the S5 or 5S and love to see a “next generation” version, but probably won’t get the chance.”  Sure you will. Real soon.


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  • ray689

    Okay so let’s do some simple math for all these moronic trolls. According to the last earning call, BlackBerry sold 2.6 million devices for the quarter. Now what’s 4 x 2.6 million? You know because 4 quarters make a year. Okay before you all reach for your calculators and call a few friends….the answer is 10.4 Million. Now if anyone was paying attention, John Chen was quoted as saying that in order for the Device business to start being profitable, they would require 10 million device sales per year. See how that works?

    • Canuckvoip

      Oh sure… you had to bring logic and reality into it didn’t you!

      • ray689

        I know right. Those things don’t exist in the click happy blogging world.

  • nnik

    The issue I have with these “writers” or “bloggers” is they are too predictable. They watch an interview or read a press release and don’t really bother really paying attention. They run to their pc or tablet and try to hammer out something more sensational and faster than the next guy….no real research or legwork is done. The rewards for this behavior are still greater than any consequences. We are slowly gaining some ground amoungst our peers in putting some integrity back into blogging.

  • Blackjack

    All the twisting and spinning by the media makes me dizzy and sick. Chen hasn’t denied it therefore it is true.
    Really? I mean really? What kind of pretzel logic is this?

  • G-bone

    Well…you know the old saw –
    “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public. ”
    A lot of people will go broke underestimating the intelligence of Prem Watsa.
    And Our Man Chen.


  • newcollector

    Daily tech is In the wise words of that great philosopher, Bugs Bunny, “a maroon.” :)

  • jrohland

    “Ah say, ah say the boys about as sharp as a bowlin ball. Ah real pin head that is.” – Foghorn Leghorn.

  • Poita316

    Im still trying to find this “copy paste” site all these “reporters” , bloggers and “tech experts” keep going to get their articles from. Its all the same just edit name and site and voila, a new BlackBerry bashing article (article gives way too much credit) is born. 99% never used, held or seen a BlackBerry in full effect. Let me end with a quote from my favorite A team character; “I pitty the fool”

  • razrrob

    I would’ve bet the house another blog site would have picked this up

    Hopefully no one will believe this drivel. As my dear old momma is fond of saying- “I mighta lifted alot of weight but, I didn’t raise no dumbbell”

  • Robert

    “Why the hell would we want QNX in our vehicles when 85+% of us have an Android phone?”

    I wonder if this dork realized that the car he’s is driving most likely has QNX in it. locco_smiley_5