IAI Makes the Move to Grow with Cybersecurity

Israel’s Aerospace Market Gaining More Security

Cybersecurity is the next best thing that the world will jump into. Now the IAI, Israeli aerospace’s biggest company, stated that they have contracts worth $100 million, and will join this growing battle.

The IAI will bring cyber to the forefront as they open a new division for cybersecurity deals and handling. The IAI, owned by the country, mainly sells aircraft to armies and civilian companies; they found their growth increasing and worked on strategies to implement and address the issues facing their company.

IAI CEO, Joseph Weiss, said:

We consider cyber to be a strategic field of activity and a growth engine at IAI, and expect it to continue to expand significantly in the coming years,

To put this in a global perspective, last year was the most successful for Israeli cyber startups as they raised around $581 million, second to the USA.

Cybersecurity for military use is top priority for most armies in the western world. If you are vulnerable in this arena, the enemy can hit hard and counteract the possibility to defend your self as country.


Roy Shpitalnik

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