Cybersecurity Executive Order


The last Commander in Chief of the United States used a specially secured BlackBerry for his day-to-day communications. Even though BlackBerry claims to have made a shift from hardware to software (with a special emphasis on cybersecurity), it may be time for BlackBerry to provide a secure KEYone for the new Commander in Chief, the TrumpBerry.

There could be no better timing for John Chen. You see as fate would have it the launch of the latest handset offering coincides with the latest draft of an Executive Order (EO) concerning cybersecurity. Gregory Touhill, the former federal CISO, summarized the heart of President Trumps’ EO as the following-

We need a better architecture focused on shared services capabilities rather than one built on organization charts. We need accountability and ownership built into our culture. We need to intelligently leverage cloud computing and mobility solutions that produce effective, efficient, and secure results. We need to do regular risk assessments across each department and agency. We need to better train and regularly exercise our personnel.

After reading the above quote and the entire article it would appear that they are referring to a package deal – the KEYone as the hardware solution combined with BlackBerry’s Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) on the software side for the total cybersecurity solution.

Let’s not forget the US military relies heavily on BlackBerry for its’ most sensitive communications, as do key financial institutions, legal institutions, and various highly sensitive industries around the globe – including a vast majority of the G20 leaders.

Who else but BlackBerry is uniquely positioned to provide the total cybersecurity solution? As Erica had previously written, they already provide the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Defense Department with FedRAMP authorized crisis communication service via AtHoc.

And lest you doubt the abilities of the man at the helm, here’s a great interview that appeared a year ago in The Washington Post.





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  • MePiikan LzBolaz

    Glad to see people will start looking to BlackBerry for help.

  • anthogag

    Trump and his entourage need BlackBerry’s UEM + BB10 devices.

    Come-on Trump, bring back BB10. I don’t care if the next generation Passport is gold.

    Put a relative on BlackBerry’s board.

  • Alan

    I love BB10, and use it as my main driver (the Passport), but I can’t say I would mind or have a problem with more U.S government contracts with BlackDroid at the helm. I mean realistically last I heard BB10 is no longer being made, only maintained. Still I support BlackBerry’s new initiatives. One must survive to live on.

  • If Trump used the KEYone and standardized on some BlackBerry EMM solution, that would be YUGE!