Cybersecurity, cont’d


Continuing with our Cybersecurity theme, we now see a branch of the U.S. Government jumping into the fray. Just the other day the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a complaint against the US and Taiwanese firm D-Link. D-Link manufactures routers & IP cameras and according to the 45-page complaint, D-Link allegedly demonstrated a “failure to take reasonable steps to secure the routers and Internet-protocol cameras they designed for, marketed, and sold to United States consumers.”

It appears the FTC took exception to D-Link website statements such as-


especially when there were alleged “well known and easily preventable security flaws.”

As more and more organizations dabble in the IoT arena I find it refreshing that governments and other authorities take a close look at what is happening in an attempt to ensure consumer privacy and security. Even the President-elect of the United States has communicated his stance on cybersecurity.

Given the proliferation of data and inter-connectivity of computers/machines it’s reassuring to know that BlackBerry has made cybersecurity it’s #1 priority.

Whether you’re a consumer, a business/corporation, or a Government entity, isn’t it time you-





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