Cybersecurity & BlackBerry, Part #1




Today’s blogcast with Marty Beard, COO BlackBerry, was beyond amazing! My main takeaway was Cybersecurity – this is the essence of BlackBerry’s strength. Other platforms can claim that security and privacy are¬†their focus, but in reality their words ring hollow – almost daily we read in the press about their¬†vulnerabilities. The difference is BlackBerry has your security and privacy baked into their hardware and software from beginning to end. The handsets (OS10 or Android), WatchDox, Ad Hoc, Good, QNX, SecuSmart, the list goes on and on. Therein lies the reason 16 of 20 G20 leaders use BlackBerry. The largest Financial institutions, hospitals, military branches, and Governments rely on BlackBerry for security and privacy.

If security and privacy are key there really is no other option.

Isn’t it time to come #BackToBlack!


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  • Alan

    Wow, that was fun. Thank you so much everyone and Marty. Looking forward to BlackBerry ‘s continued progress in Cyber Security, as well as BlackBerry,’s involvement in the Internet of Things in general. Also very curious who will be the first to pick up BB10 somewhere along the way for us BB10 fanatics. God Speed.