Cyber Security First

I think that the last year including the last couple of months was the time frame when enterprises and private users realize that you need to defend yourself not from real thieves, but from Cyber thieves that get the more sexy name of Cyber criminal and hackers. Cyber Security is becoming a big deal and there’s nothing sexy about getting your personal information or data stolen.

We’ve seen big internet companies get hacked 3 times, even Sony got cracked.  Now the ordinary user will say, “So they got hacked, what will the attackers do with my information ?”

That’s the common question that I get, but it’s much bigger then that.

Companies can fall and people can lose their career without the proper security and responsibility.  No one can be 100% secure all the time, when we talk on mobile or IoT. But there’s at least one area that private users can actually secure them self, it’s call common sense.

We talked about it on the UTB blogcast, specifically Brad. It seems that users sometimes can’t see the difference between kinds of cyber attacks. Hackers these days have lot of ways to crack and attack users and enterprises. Some of those attacks can’t be defended by the OS you use but others you can, it all depends on the way the hacker tries to attack you.

If you receive an email with a suspicious link, and you click on it, it doesn’t really matter what OS you have, it mostly depends on what the malware that you now have clicked on, can do to you. If you download some apps, that can take over your accounts, your OS can’t help you. Your OS can help your security when it comes to much higher cyber attacks, like hacking into your OS core.

More and more enterprises take the way of not securing their products and they will face every attack personally,  that of course is a recipe for failure and losses of money. Other companies try to defend as much as they can and by that they lower the risk of deadly attacks.

Cyber Security is one topic that can attack and harm everyone of us. And if someone doesn’t invest in security, a lot of us will be the victims. Enterprises – Government – Private users it’s all connected.

Keep yourself Safe and secure.

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Roy Shpitalnik

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