Cyanogen Cuts Jobs

Cyanogen, the upstart that promised to bring the market Android without Google seems to have run out of steam. Once planning on offering a full OS and app store to rival Google, it seems they have chose to head down a different path.

This should hardly seem surprising as Cyanogen just hasn’t had the luck licensing their OS as they had hoped. Cyanogen was certainly not present on the OnePlus One as it was expected, and while there have been a couple of phones to arrive carrying their OS, it has been anything but a success.

Nevermind the fact that other’s have managed to hit the market offering a different Android, that still brings the Google Play Store. Jide has an extremely different OS in their Remix OS that operates as a desktop experience. And BlackBerry offers an extremely different OS in that you are safe and secure while using it.

It is being reported that Cyanogen has laid off about 20% (around 30 people) from their workforce. It is being reported this is do to a change in focus that will be primarily about apps as opposed to the entire OS.

Of course, had this been BlackBerry, the media machine would be churning out stories that they were shutting down. Strange that, isn’t it?



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