Customize Your View on Priv’s Hub

Old school BlackBerry users have become accustomed to message integration and customization. Even BBOS7 had BBM, emails, social media, et al. built into their messages app, and BlackBerry 10 still offers fantastic customization through settings that people keep discovering year after year. That’s why finding the options available on the Priv makes BlackBerry users feel right at home.

In a recent how-to post on Inside BlackBerry, Nicholas Greene gives a step-by-step breakdown of customizing the Priv’s Hub views to fit your particular tastes. Do you use custom views on your Hub? Tell us how, below!


Erica Davis

Erica is a BlackBerry fanatic, supporter, and uses BlackBerry devices exclusively. She likes to connect the dots, fit the pieces together, and showcase the overshadowed... oh, and she likes cookies.