The Cured Trailer Shows the Difficulties of Reintegrating Zombies

I would have titled it My Zombie In-Laws Suck

IFC Films dropped a trailer for a new film heading to theaters this Feb 23rd. The movie goes by the title of The Cured brings yet another new twist to the standard zombie flick. Obviously in this universe, zombies aren’t really dead… walking or not. They’re simply infected by a virus of course. And there is a cure. And what to do once someone’s been cured? Well bring them home of course.

In this story, Ellen Page’s widowed character agrees to take in her brother-in-law who has been cured of the virus. But how well did the cure work? That’s the question. And without that question, there wouldn’t be much of a story would there? Well, this is IFC after all, so there seems to be more of a social story to the film as well.

How will society accept these former murderous zombies? Will they accept them with open arms as cured human beings? Or see them as the monsters they were before? But if the trailer is to be believed, what happens when these cured human beings aren’t really cured? For the sake of an entertaining movie, this is the direction I hope they take. If it’s all about the social status of the recently cured, I’m sure there will be an audience for it. But that audience won’t be here.


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