Court Hands $502M Judgement Against Apple in FaceTime Lawsuit

VirtnetX awarded $502 Million dollar judgement against Apple from patent infringement lawsuit.

This patent infringement case has gone on for 8 years has seen appeals and cases overturned. This latest decision again see’s Apple take the loss.  The claimant, VirtnetX Holding Corp. claimed that Apple had infringed upon several of it’s patents. The offending products were Apple’s FaceTime, VPN on Demand, and iMessage.

A previous judgement saw two separate lawsuits merged into one, with VirnetX winning $625.6 million from Apple. This judgement was later overturned by another judge who claimed that by combining the two lawsuits, the jurors were confused and it was unfair to Apple. That didn’t stop the legal battle though, and last year VirtnetX was awarded $439.7 million in damages.

Now, the second of the trials has been concluded, and Apple has been ordered to pay $502 million in the decision. This brings the total amount which Apple owes the company to $941.7 million, which is of course far more than was originally awarded. But the case is not over yet. The Patent Trial and Appeal Board has said in a different decision that the patents in the case are invalid, which could dramatically change the outcome of these cases after appeals are concluded.


Source: Bloomberg


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