Could the Classic be an OS killer?

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Earlier today bbjoe2011 posted a blog WhatsApp for BBOS Gets an Update! which started me thinking about the lineup of new phones – the Passport, the Classic, the Khan, Z20, etc and what impact each phone may have in its’ intended market.



First up, the Passport-

I envision the Passport to be Enterprise focused, specifically in healthcare – Passport and NantHealth will fit together like a lock and a key with it’s high PPI display, wide dimensions, and security features, Radiologists should love it!

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Next up is the Classic.


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The Classic will have what is commonly referred to as ‘the Belt


the belt


I’ll be getting back to this feature in just a few, so please bear with me! The Classic will feature the highest pixels per inch (PPI) of any BlackBerry phone and may be more oriented towards the consumer market, more traditional Enterprise companies who currently have employees running BBOS, those preferring the traditional ‘QWERTY’ style physical keyboard (PKB), or those who aren’t fans of the wider dimension of the Passport.



Followed by the Khan-

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The Khan is geared for those who are willing to pay upwards of $2,000 for a phone ‘because they can‘ – think disposable income. It’s not heavily spec’d out and the form is either something you envy or despise – there seems to be little middle ground.


We’ll end this portion with the Z20-

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The Z20 is a Z3 with LTE added in.  It will be an entry-level phone but don’t let this fool you.  Even at the entry-level this phone will out-perform most other mid-level Android, WP phones and should give the iPhone 4 5 6 a run for the money at less than half the price!


So let’s get back to the Classic and BBOS. There are still tens of millions of BlackBerry users who continue to run on legacy BBOS. These folks are just plain comfortable with their OS, are afraid to change, or are Enterprise users who are locked-in.  So when the Classic comes out with its physical keyboard (PKB), Belt, OS 10.3 with the ability to run Android apps, Balance to partition work and personal data, and BES10 or 12 why would you stay with this old phone? Surely an upgrade is available?  Eventually BlackBerry may announce the ‘end of life’ (that phrase gets Rev Grim very excited!) – in the OS world end of life simply means the OS and apps will no longer receive updates. If the end of life were declared for BBOS and only 20% of the current users switched, that would equate to millions of new units sold

Since I’m a fan of the ‘Democratic Process’ let’s end this one with a Poll!


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