Could Firefox Browser And Mozstumbler Be Porting To BB10?

Could it be? Hmmm… not sure yet.

Are choices a good thing?
Are choices a good thing?

I don’t know about you dear gentle readers, but I am constantly amazed at (and in love with) the built-in native BB10 browser. It is efficient, fast, and pretty much all encompassing. It amazes me how many mobile websites replace the need for a dedicated/space hogging app. Home Depot is a great example. Best mobile browser overall in speed and HTML5 rendering methinks (and many agree).

That being said, people like choices.

So I tripped over a Youtube video of some gentlemen in India totally “geeking” over Firefox and Mozstumbler apps “ported” to BB10. BTW, Mozstumbler is an app created by Mozilla to let users discover and (share with Mozilla) the WiFi hotspots around them and in their travels.

Wow I thought! Could it be that the kind folks at Mozilla were looking at porting some of their apps to BB10?

Or… were these gents just excited with a new BB10 Android runtime? You be the judge…


That made me do something I really wasn’t wanting to do… Yesterday I put on my spare Z10.

I know… leaks are… experimental… don’t do this at home kids.

Look what I found… Firefox beta runs on the 10.3 Android runtime 4.3 now.


Firefox on BB10
Firefox on BB10

Pretty basic, but it works. It did not work at all in previous tests (does not work at all on with Android 4.2 runtime).

Just for giggles I tried Chrome… guess what?


Chrome on BB10
Chrome on BB10

Yup, that 4.3 runtime is looking good.

So, could it be that we’ll see Firefox ported and in BlackBerry World soon? Jury is out for me, but here’s the kicker… you may just have a need, and get to use it (and Chrome) anyway! Plugins? That’s the next experiment…

So far though nothing beats the native BB10 browser. It is the best I’ve used on any platform bar none. Torch Mobile was an incredible acquisition to say the least.

BlackBerry… Best of all worlds!

Use it. Now.

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