Could Apple handle the IOT?


After reviewing BlackBerry’s latest Quarterly Earnings Report (1Q/2019) and viewing the accompanying presentation, it appears that BlackBerry has successfully made the transition to an Enterprise-based, Cybersecurity company. If you zero in on their business dealings you can’t help but notice they are positioning themselves to become a Key-Player in the Internet of Things (IOT).

So you may ask, What does this have to do with Apple? Is Razrrob bashing Apple again? The short answer is ‘Everything’ and ‘No’. If you’ve studied the actions of John Chen you would find a person who is thoughtful, methodical, and a long-term player. His moves are like that of a Grand Master of chess. He has been forming strategic partnerships with companies over the years, the results of which have insinuated BlackBerry into the middle of the IOT. Let someone else try to figure out how to market handsets to a competitive, short-cycled, saturated market.

Now let’s turn our focus to the most profitable corporation in history. Although Apple only accounts for ~14% of global handset sales they draw additional revenue from laptops, tablets, desktops, iTunes and peripherals. They have a very devoted following and appear to be unbeatable. Unfortunately they have seriously lacked in introducing innovation to the market. Many of the features they offer have been available in one form or another for many years in other handsets. And say what you like about Jobs, he was a marketing visionary. The current vision seems to have been locked into marketing purgatory for quite some while. Could Apple throw insane amounts of money into the IOT in an attempt to jump to the head of the class? Of course they could, but money and sheer will do not necessarily equate to success. Their attempt at driverless vehicles should serve as an example.

On the other front lies cybersecurity. This is the cornerstone, the DNA of BlackBerry. Other companies have struggled with this and Apple is no exception. Just today I received an email (pictured below). While they may market themselves as security conscious, their past and current history prove otherwise.

While we may be a few years away from the IOT, my advice is to bet on Black-




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