Cortana Mocks Siri’s Computer Aspirations

Apple has made a very big deal of the iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard. Apple thinks this makes the iPad Pro a computer. Microsoft found the humor in it.

Apple has created a keyboard for it’s iPad Pro. They called it a Smart Keyboard. They presented an advertisement that showed the keyboard folding. They showed that the iPad Pro had a touch screen. They showed that there’s a stylus for the iPad Pro. They called it a computer.

Of course, anyone that has seen this commercial, should know that Apple is a bit off base. First of all, watching that commercial should make any viewer think of the Microsoft Surface. After all, the Surface has a keyboard, that doesn’t need to fold, as there is an integrated stand on the back of the Surface. The Surface has a touch screen. There’s a stylus for the Surface. Most importantly, the Surface has a full desktop OS, while the iPad is running a limited mobile OS.

Microsoft decided to have some fun.

There is a great man that said a little something about ending competitor’s parties, just a short while before making a good purchase of their competitor. It seems Siri’s party was laid to rest by Cortana.

And Presto! It's a computer! Not!
And Presto! It’s a computer! Not!


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