Corporate Responsibility



Similar to Security, BlackBerry takes its’ Corporate Responsibility very seriously. Earlier today I noticed it posted to the BlackBerry US website.  This is not some new fad born out of a media consultancy – they list prior years’ reports as evidence to their commitment. What I find most compelling is the opening statement – “We believe that innovation and collaboration will foster sustainable growth for our business.” Innovation and collaboration! Innovating design such as the Passport instead of cranking out the same old rectangular slab of glass encasing the same hardware. Innovating software such as OS 10.3 which is light years ahead of iOS, Windows, or Android. Collaborating with end users to understand their needs such as Grand River Hospital. Collaborating with other manufacturers (including the competition) the ensure their devices are secure, as opposed to existing in a walled-off garden.

In my simplistic and somewhat naive opinion this is how global business should be conducted, not for the sake of the stockholders, but for the greater good.



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