Copy & Sharing Just Got Easier in Chrome for Android

Sharing just got easier.

If you’re a Chrome for Android user, and an avid sharer, things just became a little easier for you. Google has added the Copy and Share options to the address bar in Chrome for Android.

The options for doing so has already been there in Chrome for Android in the overflow menu located within the three dots on the top right hand side of the screen. Choosing Share from the overflow menu allows you to choose where to share to, and one of those options was to copy to clipboard. This is where my Share option constantly lives. Of course many users are used to hitting the address bar and highlighting the full address and choosing copy. This new option will be welcome to those users.

Upon pressing the address bar, the option to share and copy appears. No more need to highlight and copy. While this is a very minimal update, it’s one I appreciate.


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