The Conversion to Google Pay is (almost) Complete

Updates are rolling out now that brings us one step closer to a unified Google Pay

Back in the beginning of January, we told you how Google was working to consolidate Android Pay and Google Wallet into one unified Google Pay platform. Today, we move one step closer to this end result, but we’re not there yet.

There are updates rolling out to both Android Pay and Google Wallet that will at least put everything under one banner, if not actually under one platform. Not yet anyway. That will be coming in the upcoming months.

The first update arrives to Android Pay which sees a name change, and slight redesign. The new name is of course, Google Pay, and while the design follows more closely with current Android material design, the functionality stays relatively the same. There are two new tabs in the app, Home shows you your recent purchases and will help you find nearby stores that accept Google’s payment platform. Cards let’s you manage your payment and loyalty rewards cards.

Next up, Google Wallet gets an unfortunate name change to Google Pay Send. This of course, brings the app under Google’s preferred branding, but is obviously just a stop gap, until the app can be fully rolled into the proper unified app.

Do you use Google Pay? Will the unification of the apps entice you to use Google’s financial abilities?

Source: Google


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