Control Your Chromecast with Cast for BlackBerry

Control your dongle with BlackBerry.
Control your dongle with BlackBerry.

Here at UTB, we like to shine some light on outstanding apps and the developers behind them. Today we will be highlighting an app that allows you to control something of good ‘ol Googles.

That’s right, Cast for BlackBerry allows you to do just that.

Cast, by Developer Tony Cresswell, is an app that takes advantage of BlackBerry’s already awesome sharing capabilities. Right from your favorite YouTube client (For me its FastTube) or the standard BlackBerry browser, just hit the share button and then hit the Cast icon. In just as fast, you’ll be watching YouTube content on your nice big TV via Chromecast and BlackBerry.

You want more? Our friend, Tony, will give you more!

Also built in the app is a simple search of current feeds. It’s BBM connected and integrates nicely with the BB10 hub. It even includes support for Pebble Smartwatches.

With great power comes great responsibility, and the developer of Cast is aware of a problem with his app. I reached out to him and asked if an update was coming to fix a force close issue. In short time he got back to me. He was aware of such issues, and was happy to report that he submitted an update to BlackBerry World and is hoping that the update hits tomorrow.

Tony had this to say about his disappointments in the performance of his app. “…its really frustrating to me and I hope it hasn’t ruined people’s experience. I use the Channel (C003A0383) on BBM linked in-app to keep people up to date and I’ve apologized for it. If you can extend my apology to your readers and my commitment to make sure everyone gets what they expected of Cast.”

You can’t get any better then that…

Cast, which is built for BlackBerry, will run you $2.99 but if you’re the type that watches a lot of YouTube reviews and cat videos, like me, then this is a bargain.

If you’re interested in any of the other apps that Tony has created; like smart watch companion, companion (with NFC), BlockID, and MobID and of course Cast. You can check them out in BlackBerry World.

Tony also let me in on a secret app that’s in development… more to come.