Connected Home…. just how secure is it?

OK, you have a great new smartphone. You have WiFi. You have some gadgets you can control remotely from your device. It may be as simple as turning on your coffee maker before you leave work so you can enjoy a fresh cup when you get home. Maybe you would like to turn up the thermostat, turn on the A/C, whatever. It’s great to have the ability to do this, but along with the convenience comes some risks.

The companies that build the devices you are using are all collecting data, of this you can be sure. What are they doing with this data, this you likely aren’t so sure of. What you also likely won’t know is how vulnerable these companies are to data breaches….. Its a trade-off, kinda like putting all your money in a bank. Sure its safer there but its vulnerable to various hacks, like somebody scanning or cloning your cards. With the connected home you may be vulnerable to hacks but you can also watch your front gate with a security cam. If so desired you can even remotely let the Doberman out of the basement remotely -take that burglar!


The WiFi is very important to secure. Make sure you are using WPA. Ensure the firewalls are up. Make sure you use strong passwords.

What I find of utmost importance (you hopefully too) is the control device, your smartphone. We are lucky being BlackBerry users because the security is very strong. You BlackBerry will help you weed out apps that may ask for inappropriate permissions. Your BlackBerry can’t be rooted or jailbroken whereas most other phones can, this is important because if someone can gain root access to your controlling device they can basically take over everything you have connected.  Even so you still need to be vigilant. Read what the device (the thermostat, the coffeemaker, the smart bulbs….the list goes on) you purchased wants to access. Is the coffeemaker wanting your banking info?


Have fun! get connected! but be careful, everything has its risks but also its rewards!


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