Connect to Salesforce for BB10 Updated

BlackBerry’s Salesforce1 App Update
BlackBerry’s Salesforce1 App Update

Exciting news for BB10 and Salesforce users as new native and web versions were released today.

As per the Inside BlackBerry BUSINESS BLOG,  some details of the newest version are:

  • Functionality will go beyond the device and enable workers to maximize productivity by accessing any content, from anywhere, at any time, which really helps unchain people from their desks and go where they need to, without sacrificing anything.
  • BlackBerry 10 users can remotely access key customer data – and more importantly, do so securely, with tight integration between their desktop and mobile applications – making it more powerful for end users and better to manage for administrators.
  • The enhancements to the Connect to Salesforce app allow users to have a robust Salesforce1 native application experience, including being able to create, edit and remove files and (unique to BlackBerry) perform these tasks offline on cached files and records.
  • You can view archived groups; use the Unified Search function within all files and records; access Visualforce pages and Salesforce Events; and sign in using custom URLs.
  • is also launching its Salesforce1 Browser application support for BlackBerry 10, complemented by a great Container application called “Connect to Salesforce WEB”.

You can download the native version here, and/or the web version here.


Inside BlackBerry BUSINESS BLOG