Over the years a few thousand Cybersecurity companies have been fashioned to fight cyberspace crime. It’s a trillion-dollar industry and everyone wants in!

Recently in Boston, Massachusetts “Cybersecurity Ventures” released their list of 150 of those companies that share the same innovative market strategy…and that is to become the world number one in Cybersecurity.

BlackBerry made that list of 150 for its commitment to End-to-End Internet of Things Security Solutions or (IoT) as we all know it by now!

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Some of the stringent selection criteria included the following:

Cybersecurity Sector; Problem(s) Solved; Feedback from CISOs & Decision Makers; Feedback from IT Security Evaluators & Recommenders; Feedback from VARs, SIs & Consultants; Venture Capital Raised; Founder and Management Pedigree; Company Growth (Revenues and Employees); Recognized as a Best Place to Work; Customer Base and Notable Wins / Implementations; Channel Programs; Published Product, Technology & Services Reviews; Demos and Presentations at Conferences; Media Coverage; Social Media Followers & Engagement; Research, Reports & Surveys Published.

Not only that, but the Editor-in-Chief, Mr Steve Morgan made his personal selection of the top 8 companies that he thinks are the hottest and most innovative companies in this marketplace now. And yes, you guessed it, BlackBerry made that list too…

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Huge thanks go out to Mr John Chen for steering the future of our favourite tech company into the right direction!

“…Energy and Persistence conquers all things”

Benjamin Franklin

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