Concert: The Verve Pipe

Finally got to see The Verve Pipe live, and it was everything you didn’t realize you needed.

Last night, I had the extreme pleasure to see Brian Vander Ark et al take the stage and deliver almost two full hours of town-shaking music. It was everything.

I have a history with the band. Their biggest commercial hit song, “The Freshman”, was the very first piece of music I ever bought for myself. I almost wore it out listening to it over and over. The lyrics, specifically, “She, a punk, who rarely ever took advice.” seeped into my mind and hung around for the better part of my young adult life.

Of course, I was able to interview Vander Ark a few years ago. Rediscovering the band, and finding them unchanged in their sincerity and talent, reignited my love for their music.

But I digress, objectively, The Verve Pipe puts on a fantastic show. The band has a clear camaraderie and joy on stage. Several times, the audience got to see the interaction between people that were clearly friends and loved performing together from laughs, smiles, to a random toss and catch that seemed choreographed but was clearly unplanned. There was a tremendous amount of mutual respect displayed among all members of the band that let audience feel as though they were included in this talented display.

The venue was small, but the performance was literally heard across town. They did not hold back for the sake of the size of the intimate music festival they came to. As the show progressed, the audience grew closer to the stage. The band responded in kind, reaching out, including them in the performance. At one point, Vander Ark even took someone’s phone on stage to get him up-close video of each band member, without missing a beat.

When they sang the song for which they are most well-known, “The Freshman”, the entire audience belted along with them. Vander Ark and other members of the band seemed genuinely humbled by the response from the audience.

At the end of the show, they came back to do an encore and Vander Ark took time to sign autographs and take pictures with us. He even signed that single cassette (yes, cassette), I brought while I fangirled just a little bit more and snapped a selfie with him.

From the genuine sincerity and clear joy, to the incredible music and love of the fans, The Verve Pipe is one concert I fully believe everyone must experience. There’s something inherently honest in the performance.

Check out their tour schedule and more at their site!

Erica Davis

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