Completely Ridiculous Nonsense – Mobile Security Smackdown?

BES10... It's what business needs, now more than ever.
BES10… It’s what business needs, now more than ever.

It’s fun lurking around on the internet finding interesting subjects to discuss. There are lies, FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt), half-truths, and utter BS everywhere!

Well… my pick today comes from none other than CRN (see blog title for acronym explanation). You see, good old Tom Spring and Ramin Edmond decided to collaborate on an article, titling it “Mobile Security Smackdown: iOS vs. Android vs. BlackBerry vs. Windows Phone” which you can have a jolly good laugh at here. The drivel is 3 weeks old but still current enough I’d say.

Let’s dig in to the biased load of crap shall we?

“Theodora Titonis, vice president of mobile at Burlington, Mass.-based Veracode, credits Apple’s success to its iron-fisted control over the device hardware, software and ecosystem of apps”

Really? The only thing Apple is iron fisted about is piling the bricks higher for the walled garden prison camp that is their ecosystem. Email attachments aren’t even encrypted for crying out loud! Doulci anyone? DropoutJeep?

How about this pearl…

“Android, the most popular mobile OS platform on the planet, has made huge gains in the enterprise despite antivirus vendors pointing out the litany of malware attacks on Android devices. Chief Android backer Samsung has championed the OS, heavily publicizing its SAFE (Samsung Approved For Enterprise) extensions and Knox security platform built into some of its Android devices to warm the OS’ appeal to businesses.”

Come on Tom and Ramin… Android is the Swiss cheese of mobile OS security. SAFE only works on Samsung devices so it’s hardly any choice for a serious BYOD MDM solution, and the app store is about as trustworthy as a condom with a hole in it.

But wait… maybe this won’t be that bad after all…

“Then there’s BlackBerry, which still has enormous respect among solution providers for its myriad security capabilities, such as its BBM service and security features in its retooled BES 10 management server. There is Exchange Active Sync support now and additions such as Balance technology that lets companies create a partition on a BlackBerry 10 device to keep personal and work apps and data separate.”

Yeah… that’s more like it!

But then, sadly they go off the rails completely…

“Apple Tops Security, Say Most Experts And VARs
Mobile security experts and solution providers agree. They say Cuepertino, Calif.-based Apple has the edge because it owns so much of the mobile stack — from the application layer (App Store), operating system (iOS), hardware (iPhone/iPad) but not the infrastructure layer (wireless carriers).”

What? Who are these “security experts”? Who are these VARs? CEOs from GOOD, or MobileIron most likely. This is simply untrue. It’s a lie. And to the “mobile stack” statement… You mean just like BlackBerry, right? Actually, BlackBerry goes one better because they’re the ONLY vendor with their own secure network. Brutal.

Oh here we go… Ready? This is a real winner of a statement…

“NEXT: Android: A Close Second In Security”

I don’t think I can even dignify this with a response. I’ll let you all rip that to shreds in the comments and/or forum. What a crock!

OK… but here’s my favourite. This is awesome…

“Apple has evolved furthest up the security stack. Every application is sandboxed, meaning storage and memory are isolated. It has the most control over patching,” said one large security expert at a large mobile device management firm who asked not to be identified.”

With all the respect, dignity, and sincerity I can muster, all I can say is… Bwahahahahaha!!!! What’s a “large security expert”? Someone just sign up for Jenny Craig? Won’t even let his/her name out in public?

Inexplicably, they go on to tell this undeniable truth. But the sad thing is that you have to go to the 3rd page to actually read it. Contrary to the basis of this biased and inaccurate drivel passing as an article…

“BlackBerry is the most secure. That’s the only reason why they are still alive,” said Steven Kantorowitz, president of CelPro Associates, a BlackBerry partner based in New York. “That’s why governments use them and even [President Obama].”

OK, well fine then. Apart from the backhanded “still alive” comment, you got it right. Yay, have a cookie.
Let’s set it straight. BlackBerry BES10 is without question the most secure MDM on the planet. It has over 65% of the market. It will very soon include Windows phone, making it the most flexible and versatile MDM as well. That coupled with BlackBerry handsets make the best end to end solution bar none.

Tom, I think you should “Spring” for a nice new Z30. That should open your eyes. And Ramin… have you lost your noodle? How can you guys write such tripe? First you say that Apple is number one… then you admit that BlackBerry is actually the most secure.
What? Discuss here

Source: CRN


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  • Bigglybobblyboo

    Oh my God. That’s just twaddle. And utterly irresponsible in my view.

    How anyone can recommend iOS or Android where security is required?


  • Omnitech

    Well first of all, IIRC CRN’s name was originally “Computer Reseller News”. Point being, their focus is on resellers and VARs. And resellers typically like to sell the stuff that is popular. In other words, they’re trend-followers. Ergo, they will talk-up the “popular stuff”.

    I wouldn’t generally go there to get technology advice.

    But I do like this “large security expert”. Hulk Hogan, is that you???

    • Nice point Omni. Good of Canuckvoip to bring it to our attention, but appreciate your input on the source too. I always like being armed with info; now I’m ready if any iDiot mentions this to me.

    • MePiikan LzBolaz

      Fat Albert is the first name that came to mind for me.

    • Canuckvoip

      Ha! Love it!
      OK… but “Cranial Replacement Nerd” like any other responsible party should check facts regardless.

  • Absolutely unbelievable. It’s like they’re all tripping over themselves to suckle at the teat of Cuppertino.

    I would be astounded to look any fortune 500 CIO or any of his direct reports in the eye and hear him say there is a single platform that is even a close second to BB in terms of security. I cannot believe that would ever happen today.

    Absolute drivel.

  • ray689

    Hahahaha as laughable as leaving the platform you admit is superior for an app which actually works on said platform any way.
    These guys are clueless and whoever their security experts are, I sure hope they don’t actually make recommendations to any enterprise customers. Actually I hope they do because the only way people will learn is when their private corporate data is compromised with a massive breach. If that’s how they want to learn then so be it….enjoy.

  • ital1

    I guess these large security experts casually forgot that you can root Android and jailbreak iOS; no such root exists for BB10. BlackBerry has said on a number of occasions that they are secure from the hardware, to bootrom, to software, to the network; true end to end security. Add in BES, and well, discussion over.

    • Omnitech

      And that is a key point, re: rooting the devices.

      Though I must admit, like many people I am envious of Apple’s ability to patch at will without being gated through carriers.

      I’m not sure any other vendor at this point will be able to negotiate that. Reputedly Samsung has been trying and getting nowhere too.

      • Bigglybobblyboo

        Maybe not ‘patch at will’ Omni but have you set up a BB10 device recently from scratch?

        First thing it does is download the latest OS via wifi, regardless of carrier. I know, I’ve set up a number recently without SIM cards. The carrier crap in one case when the SIM was inserted was just 9MB!

        • Omnitech

          You’re asking me a question you probably don’t want to ask. :P

          Yes I have setup a device from scratch recently and it was a massive PITA since I had to migrate data but not bad configuration junk and the absence of granular backup/restore was a horrible problem. I still don’t have all my data on there because I have to manually copy it over or re-create a bunch of it. (Some is lost forever since it is created within various apps/games with no separate mechanism to backup/restore, and the only way to ‘re-create’ game high-scores and progress is to spend all that time over-again..)

          • RedFoxOne

            Interesting point, Omni. Never thought of it before: data from apps backup/restore problem.

  • Anthony

    I read the article. It’s dumb. Nothing substantial. They quote “one large security expert”…I guess size matters locco_smiley_8

    This article tries to elevate Apple and Android by mostly talking about these two, and to diminish BlackBerry by hardly mentioning it. It’s like this article was written by BlackBerry’s competitors.

    • Canuckvoip

      Indeed Anthony… Regurgitated marketing BS at its worst. To call it an article does advertising a disservice.

  • bungaboy

    Completely Ridiculous News!

    They are so full of it their eyes are brown!