Communication Breakdown: Pentagon Partners with AtHoc

marketing-man-person-communication-largeInteroperability simply means cooperation and integration. As the architect of communication, interoperability has come to mean that nothing gets lost in translation. Programs, protocols, procedures, and policies are all working together to ensure that agencies are efficiently communicating between one another.

No where is this more critical than in the safety and security of a nation. As emergency incidents call to arms federal, state, local, private and public sector agencies, it is imperative that they all communicate effectively to come to task and face the problem. This is where AtHoc can help, and they’ve partnered with the Pentagon to pilot a program that tests the interoperability of communications among a large scale response network.

According the the latest blog available at AtHoc, the problem with interoperability is the different protocols and resources within different organizations. By utilizing AtHoc Connect, these organizations were able to communicate in real-time, cutting down on response and transmission breakdown. The Pentagon worked in tandem with AtHoc and the DoD (Department of Defense) on a three-month pilot program to evaluate the success of such connectivity. Read more about the impressive results and the continued efforts to improve on the AtHoc blog.

Erica Davis

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