Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft FI gradually elevated its position in BlackBerry Ltd by 49.8% in the second quarter according to the latest filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission. The fund now owns 147,221 shares of BlackBerry stock after buying an additional 48,960 during the quarter. Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft FI’s holdings in BlackBerry is now worth $1,098,000!

Several other institutional investors have also in the recent months modified their holdings in BlackBerry. Commonwealth Equity Services LLC grew its holdings in the company by 32.3% during the 2nd quarter. After buying 27,845 shares during the last quarter they now own 114,145 worth $851,000. NEXT Financial Group Inc raised its position by 79,285.7% during the 2nd quarter. NEXT Financial Group Inc now owns 27,785 shares valued at $207,000 after buying 27,750 shares during the period. AdvisorNet Financial Inc elevated by 109.4% during the same quarter. AdvisorNet Financial Inc now owns 32,450 shares valued at $242,000 after buying an additional 16,950. Campbell & CO Investment Adviser LLC attained a fresh financial position in BlackBerry during the second quarter valued at about $274,000. Amundi Pioneer Asset Management Inc boosted its position in BlackBerry by 38.5% during the first quarter. Amundi Pioneer Asset Management Inc bought 52, 976 shares during the period and now owns 190,644 shares valued at $1,924,000. Marshall Wace LLP acquired 138,851 shares valued at approximately $1,401,000. Investors Research Corp acquired a 1st quarter stance worth approximately $33,000. Truvestments Capital LLC acquired an approximate worth of $52,000. Ropes Wealth Advisors LLC boosted its position by 1,950.0%. They now own 5,125 shares of the company’s stock worth $52,000 after attaining 4,875 shares. Claraphi Advisory Network LLC acquired a new position worth approximately $75,000. Zacks Investment Management increased their position with an approximate $86,000 worth in shares.

Institutional investors and hedge funds own 50.68% of BlackBerry Ltd stock


To put it more practically a recent survey took two NASDAQ companies and weighed them according to performance ability; BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BB) and SharpSpring (NASDAQ:SHSP)

BlackBerry and SharpSpring are both Computer & Technology companies, but the assessment wanted find out which is the better business? This valuation compared the two companies based on the subsequent information and additional factors:

  • Strength of their institutional ownership,
  • Analyst recommendations,
  • Profitability,
  • Risk,
  • Valuation,
  • Dividends
  • Earnings.

The valuation compared the two companies based on subsequent information and additional factors:

With PROFITABILITY the assessment compare the Net Margins, Return on Equity and Return on Assets. In the RISK AND VOLATILITY assessment BlackBerry has a beta of 1.79, signifying that its share price is 79% more volatile than the S&P 500 Index. Comparatively, SharpSpring has a beta of 1.13, suggesting that its share price is 13% more volatile than the S&P 500 Index. With VALUATION AND EARNINGS the table compares the Revenue, Earnings per share (EPS) and Valuation. BlackBerry presents higher Revenue & Earnings than SharpSpring. SharpSpring is transacting at a lower Price-to-Earnings ratio than BlackBerry, indicating that it is currently the more affordable of the two stocks. With the INSTITUTIONAL & INSIDER OWNERSHIP assessment, 50.68% of BlackBerry shares that are owned by institutional investors. Comparatively, 41.5% of SharpSpring shares are owned by institutional investors. 22.7% of BlackBerry shares are owned by company insiders. Comparatively, 25.6% of SharpSpring shares are owned by company insiders. Strong institutional ownership is an indication that large money managers, endowments and hedge funds believe a company is self-confident for long-term growth. On the ANALYST RATINGS assessment this breakdown of recent ratings for BlackBerry and SharpSpring are presented as follows; BlackBerry presently has a consensus price target of $10.57, indicating a potential upside of 48.06%. SharpSpring has a consensus price target of $16.80, indicating a potential upside of 82.21%. Given SharpSpring’s stronger unanimity rating & higher probable upside, analysts believe SharpSpring is more favourable.


To bring this calculation to a summary it comes down to the actual numbers. Out of the overall 13 assessing factors, BlackBerry came out tops with a score of 8 in comparison with SharpSpring which gathered 5 on the valuation scale. It is important to note that investment believe is generated by growth in several sectors where a company excels commercially.

Quarterly earnings expectations are part of the investor plan to reach projected targets and to measure a company’s performance and endorsements during the period. Corporation management is more than just the selling of products and ideas, it’s also about probing customers and competitors and basically emphasizing whether the company is in a healthy state of continuation to the subsequent quarter. Viable corporations in this market sector such as BlackBerry with portfolio investments as mentioned above signifies confident stock opportunity that exemplify a sensible practical approach to comprehend the value that they put on product conveyance, which reiterates the confidence that investors have with the investments opportunity. This is the essence that stockholders are gravitating towards…a company that is nestled to yield bankability for potential venture opportunity.

Analysts are expecting BlackBerry’s revenue to rise 24% this financial year. BlackBerry continues to expand its portfolio regarding Software, Subscriptions & Patent Licensing. BlackBerry has a very strong foothold in the Enterprise software market with its Security and Mobility services. BlackBerry’s QNX is the dominating OS in the automotive industry. In accordance herewith, BlackBerry is a definite “buy” and endorsed for future growth.

“…Price is what you pay, but Value is what you get”

Warren Buffet

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