Coming to an escreen near you

brick-phoneMy life is mobile…and unlocked

UTB Blogs and the author take no responsibility for anything you do by following the instructions below. This feature of your phone is intended for use by trained technicians.

Did you know deep in your BlackBerry phone exists an app referred to as escreens? Anyone can run it, in the Browser on your phone open escreen://. Not very interesting is it. That is the door to the engineering screens but you don’t have the key to open it. Actually that is very good thing. You see, if you are not a mobile phone engineer, you should not be messing about in the escreen app. Why you ask? Because it is possible to make changes to your phone which will permanently destroy it!! So, why am I going to show you how to get into the escreens? Because, you are a responsible adult who may want to know. If you don’t want to know, read no further.

Here I present a video with instructions for a way to unlock the escreens. No harm was done to any BlackBerry devices in the making of this video. However, they could have been harmed. If you open the escreens, use caution when changing things. Take print screens (press the up and down volume buttons at the same time) before changing anything so you have the original settings.

If you found anything interesting or useful, please tell us about that in the comments.


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  • Anthony

    If you “brick” your phone how would you access the browser on the phone to change settings back to pre-brick settings? locco_smiley_17

  • Blackjack

    Nice work on the video ! I watched the first part but can’t watch much being at work.
    What can you do in the escreen?

    • Blackjack

      Besides brick your phone I mean. What can be done that might be useful?

    • jrohland

      BlackJack, I did not address that because, I don’t think there is anything useful the average user can do. That is why I referred to curiosity and nothing else. I personally think there is some risk and no reward. Which means, people should not go into the escreens. As I said in the post, this is for curious users to know about. Nothing more.

  • BB Racer !!

    Can a hacker brick my locked phone and unlocking my phone ? While I am holding a red brick in my ready to throw the brick at the hackers fingers

  • That is UBER cool JR!!!! Thanks a bunch.I am one of those people who is curious, but I just can’t think what I would change that would improve my Berry. Also, I am too chicken to try this on my precious.

    • jrohland

      There are some interesting things to learn in there. Unless you really know what you are doing, I don’t think you are likely to improve the phones performance. If you go in, always scroll the screens with your left hand. That way you are less likely to mistakenly change any settings.

      • Blackjack

        Exactly why I love my trackpad… don’t have to worry about accidentally changing anything. Always deliberate. :D