Coming Soon: BBM Meetings

Coming Soon: BBM Meetings
Coming Soon: BBM Meetings

In an interview with The Jakarta Post, John Sims, President of Global Enterprise Solutions at BlackBerry, reaffirms BlackBerry’s focus on the enterprise market as a key component of the turn around strategy.  As part of the discussion, he also provides additional information about an exciting new feature coming to BBM, both for the enterprise and consumer markets; BBM Meetings:

“We will [also] soon be launching something called BBM Meetings. It is a service that allows voice and video conferences for groups of about 25 people….It will initially be launched as an enterprise service this year and we will also expand it to the consumer market sometime next year […] It will have a presence on BlackBerry devices, iOS and Android. It will be on tablets and we will also have a desktop version.”

While there are big entrenched players in the conferencing space such as Microsoft with Skype, Cisco with WebEx, and Citrix with GoTo Meeting, BlackBerry could have a very interesting proposition here given their large enterprise server installation base.  According to Sims, 70,000 enterprises are using BlackBerry Enterprise Server globally, and these tend to be large corporations; not to mention as well BlackBerry’s government clients.

Some have taken this enterprise focus to mean a departure from the consumer market, Sims dispels that myth by stating:

“So, when you have stumbled, you have to bring your focus back, and the focus for us is the enterprise market, the professional consumer market and the middle consumer market. We have been spending a lot more time on our customers, listening to them and understanding what their challenges are and then formulating how we can help them solve their problems…”I can tell you from the company’s point of view that the enterprise business is one of the primary and key focus areas for the company as we take it through a transformation. It is one of the key areas that we are looking at as we work to grow the company’s revenues over the next couple years and beyond.”

While the main focus of this post was to give some additional information around BBM Meetings, Sims tackles another myth about BlackBerry handsets that I just had to share.  On the topic of physical keyboard and full touch devices:

“So, I think we have also been quite clear that we see the keyboard as one of BlackBerry’s key differentials. It is not that we won’t launch touchscreen devices; we have of course with the Z3, which was launched here [in Indonesia], and combination [keyboard-touchscreen devices], but the keyboard will feature prominently in the future. We are clear on that.”

I encourage you to read the full article here.  While the focus is enterprise, the consumer is not forgotten.

Source: The Jakarta Post