Come On! Update Your Apps!!

There's A Notification Dammit!
There’s A Notification Dammit!

One of the frustrations I find when showing fellow BlackBerrians cool new stuff is that there seems to be a sizable minority who just forget to update their apps.

Take the case of the recent BBM update. I was busily showing some colleagues how to use Glympse and discovered that, out of 6 people, 2 had no idea what I was talking about as they had just not bothered to run any BlackBerry World updates for ages. In both cases when I set their updates off there were between 15 and 20 updates that required running.

And I know they’re still doing it.

Now, I’m a BlackBerry loon. I see a notification – I’m on it in a flash. Who doesn’t want new features?

But others don’t realise what is out there. Or how to get it.

So, this got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be better if you had the option of having your Apps update automatically?

I don’t mean like with Android where apps will crunch away willy nilly with no user control. I mean just like the option we got in 10.2 where the OS updates will run automatically when WiFi is detected if you let them.

Then, if you would rather see the changelog etc you could have automatic updates switched to off.

And could it be an option to push changelogs in Notifications so you could see what was going on?

Or would that mean people would ignore a changelog that just said ‘bug fixes’.

What do you think?

Would it be better to have an Automatic Update option for BlackBerry World apps?

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