CNET’s Blackberry Diaries



While some news outlets would have you think that Blackberry is being noticed by nobody, it’s refreshing to see some of the bigger news networks checking out BB10 and giving it a shot.  Most recently Nic Healy of CNET has been spending the past few days getting acquainted with a brand new Q10.  While he does make mention that there are some gripes about the new device (many of which are with regards to legacy features being lost), his experience with the device seems to have been better than he had expected.  Over the few days he’s taking input from Blackberry’s vocal supporters and figured out how to directly install Android apps on his device.  If there’s one thing we, at UTB, have to give him is that he is looking at more than just the number of apps for the OS.  He’s even gone so far as to say “(He’s) impressed with how easily the Q10 fits into (his) life. There’s been a learning curve, but it hasn’t been a particularly onerous one at all.”


If you know any tips for Nic to try out with his brand new Q10 give him a shout over at CNET here: Blackberry Diaries.

  • Sweet. It IS nice to see some folks bucking the trend to crap on BB and actually giving the devices and OS a chance to stand on their merits.

    I was gonna click that link for hints, but he probably has all the info I would have. Why don’t you guys give him your email addresses and offer him some support if he needs it? Sort of like a special membership to UTB for help…