CNET Gives A PRIV Tutorial


For far too often, when I have seen BlackBerry mentioned outside of our BlackBerry fan blogosphere, I get a little cringe. I worry about what I will read. For far too long, it seemed BlackBerry has been the victim of what can seem like personal attacks at the hands keyboards of mainstream media.

Things have been changing. BlackBerry has seemed to be receiving less abuse at the hands of reviewers. This is very likely due to BlackBerry releasing an Android device, as we know reviewers just love Android. This may also be because another phone manufacturer that seemed unstoppable has suddenly had double digit decreases in sales across the board.

Many news agencies seem to slowly be realizing that BlackBerry is still here, and that it’s not going anywhere. Interviewers seem to be a little nicer, reports seem to be a little more positive. Are we to the point where BlackBerry can expect equal reporting with competitors? No, I don’t believe we are. But we’re getting closer. Much closer.

CNET posted an article titled “The complete list of BlackBerry Priv keyboard shortcuts” promising with a tagline of “Get stuff done faster with these shortcuts.” While it’s not a review, it is a very informative post, and it’s extremely nice to see a tech site like CNET giving a tutorial on a BlackBerry.

Click here to visit the post. Remember, websites will repeat what gives them traffic, and positive posts about BlackBerry is exactly what we want!




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  • jrohland

    Probably CNUT couldn’t find anything positive to write about apple. In desperation they left the A files and went to B where they found something to publish.

    • Jope28

      They have been pretty bad since Tom Merritt left like a decade ago.

  • Anthony

    Fuck CNET. They basically showed they’re not objective tech reporters. I don’t watch CNET articles about anything.