CNBC – ‘This (BlackBerry) Laggard Could Be A Winner’

Now, I’m no stock expert, but what I do know is that BlackBerry’s fall from grace in 2013 saw the stock price fall to new lows.

And that’s bad.

Why? Because not only did it have the potential to sink our old friend forever, buy it gave the haters every excuse under the sun to attempt to bury the company once and for all. You know the sort ‘Oh, BlackBerry? They’re going bust.’ And that’s a perception hard to shift with a plummenting stock price.

But… wait!

Along comes John Chen, turnaround expert. And in a few small weeks he’s been making the changes many of us have been crying out for. Simple changes and in some cases, obvious changes.

Not just that, it seems he’s fallen in love with BlackBerry and he’s doing them all with a smile on his face and the fight of a tiger.

So much so that CNBC are now advising people to BUY BlackBerry shares as they continue to rebound.

Now, let’s see the haters trot that one out again…

See the full CNBC piece below:


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