Clue Remake Could Involve Deadpool Writers and Reynolds

In 1985, a campy star-studded film debuted based off of a popular board game. Clue is the quest to solve a murder, and the film was a comedic spoof on the murder mystery genre. With colorful characters like Ms. Scarlet and Professor Green, the movie told the story of guests at a dinner party stumbling upon the dead body of their host only to realize that one of them was the killer. The film became a cult classic as the decades trudged on, and like any classic 80s flick, people have been begging for a re-imagining.

It seems as those wishes will come true. Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) will star in the remake and serve as a producer in the new flick. Adding to the comedic melting pot, his writers from Deadpool, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, are in talks to collaborate with him on this project. The campy, sassy fun of the original will hopefully remain with this new generation of talent.

But can we all agree that we need Tim Curry to come back please?



Erica Davis

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