Class Action Filed Over Google Pixel

While the original Pixel was quite popular, some users found it quite problematic.

The introduction of the first Google Pixel and Pixel CL was not all roses. Some users discovered some disturbing issues, and noticed them right away. There is now a class action lawsuit being filed over issues with the devices’ microphones. Many users would find that the microphones in their phones, just wouldn’t work all the time. Having already suffered audio issues and Bluetooth problems which were corrected through software updates, this new issue was a hardware issue.

Google said as much in their own support forums back in March of last year. “The most common problem is a hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec. This will affect all three mics and may result in other issues with audio processing. This problem tends to be transient because of the nature of the crack. Based on temperature changes or the way you hold the phone, the connection may be temporarily restored and the problems may go away.” explained an employee in a post, “This is especially frustrating as a user because, just when you think you’ve got it fixed, the problem randomly comes back. We believe this problem is occurring in less than 1% of phones and often happens after a few months of use (it could be triggered by dropping the phone that may not cause any visible external damage).”

The complaint filed by Girard Gibbs LLP, claims that Google knowingly sold defective phones, and that warranty replacement phones continued to have the same problems. Girard Gibbs LLP is now looking at additional class action complaints based around the issues which the Google 2 has faced since release.

For their part, Google was replacing phones suffering the issue last year through their warranty program.

Pixel Class Action

Source: Fast Company


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