CIRP’s Final Answer!

Even Regis can't believe it.
Even Regis can’t believe it.


I received the following e-mail from CIRP today.


Let’s look at this. A survey that has been the basis of article after article, claiming that BlackBerry has a 0% market share in the US and is, in effect dead, was based on 500 people via social media. In a time where BlackBerry is trying to make a comeback, when it is known that the stock price was undervalued due to public perception, and the stock prices have started to rise, this survey comes out claiming a zero percent market share. And the typical troll media has ran with this survey, spreading it to the far reaches of the internet, and from what I can tell, have done nothing to see if this information has any validity. I would like to point out that it took me, an amateur blogger, less than 24 hours to find the answers of where this survey came from and how it was done.

A company has used social media for survey results, a company which has 10 followers on Twitter, and is currently following Apple News, BGR, AppleInsider. etc among the 29 it is following. A company which has a page on it’s website of pro-Apple surveys it has had published on other sites. Are we really suprised that Apple came out in the lead on this mini survey? I am not in the least, actually, looking at where their social media circle’s lie, I’m surprised iOS didn’t come out with nearly 100%.

I am reminded of a thread in a certain fan site that was started by a friend of mine. In it, my friend (ok, it was Biggly!) had an idea that we as fans go to carrier stores, pretend to be looking for BlackBerry, and see how we were handled by the sales staff. It was a social experiment, thought up by someone who has seen people pushed hard in to Samsung and iPhone’s by sales staff. I know myself, I had to argue with 2 sales staff and finally a manager before I was able to buy my Z10. This idea was immediately blasted by all the forum trolls, stating it wasn’t scientific, that the survey size wouldn’t be big enough to give true results. I remember at one point, it turned in to how many answers we could get and being told it didn’t matter if we received hundreds or thousands of results, it still wouldn’t be a representative survey size of carrier reps to determine if the carriers really were pushing people against BlackBerry. I don’t go to that “fan site” anymore, but I’m willing to bet those same forum trolls are shouting out these survey results based on 500 social media answers are fact.




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