CIRP Responds!

In record time, Michael Levin from CIRP has responded to my request!

…sort of…

I had requested the methods they used to get their results. I had asked most specifically about sample size, nature of survey, etc. The response I received was a friendly “Hi Brad – thanks for your message – attached is the analysis.”




Notice that none of the pertinent information that I requested is to be found anywhere in this “analysis”. I have replied to Michael, again asking for the same information. This time I have made it very clear, asking 3 questions. 1) Nature of survey 2) How large was the sample, and 3) Types of respondents.

To be honest, I was not expecting a response from them, I was shocked to receive one and pleasantly surprised by the speed they did so. However, I have a feeling the above images are the press release that was sent out to the media prior to this, and if this is the case, how are these news outlets running with this? I have seen this quoted numerous places. I’ve never seen any type of survey results in the news where at least the sample size wasn’t given.

On the bright side though, one of our readers, @DaveMalins has conducted his own survey. He was much more scientific and clear in his results. CIRP should take a lesson from Dave. Clarity is required in surveys.


From Dave’s survey, taken in his office pod, he has determined that BlackBerry has 100% of Australia’s market!

…see what he did there?

Huge thanks to @DaveMalins, you just got a new follower tonight.



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