We all like choices…sometimes we are limited, be that through finances, availability or what have you. Take the mid-30’s in Germany. The only people that could afford a car were the well off.
In 1937 the “Volkswagen” appeared and changed things. The car was well built, but very basic and plain, it was also what the people needed. Cheap, reliable and ugly and everytime a new model appeared it was quite similar to the older model…in fact it is hard to tell what year the various models are…the boring monotonous bus was built right up until 2003…shortly before the next round of monotony.
Enter the iphone, released exactly 4 years after the bug was squashed. That was also brilliant, they filled a void. But this time it was not cheap, just ugly and boring. But again repeatative model after model. Like the Volkswagen, people kept buying them. Like sheep to slaughter they lined up at the shops.
iphone-modelsMe, now I am an individual, I like to think I am unique -different. I therefore, among many, many other reasons buy Blackberry. In their current line-up they have 5 DIFFERENT MODELS to choose from, something for everybody. This is the company that cares about the consumer, with upcoming models the have even listened to feedback and implemented features people wanted -who does that?
Which company would you buy from? Ignoring the fact that BlackBerry also builds the BEST device.


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  • veeru789

    LOL. Only flaw in your comparison is that Volkswagens were reliable. With IPhones one would become a wall hugger and get hacked every other day :)

  • Trev

    By stating BlackBerry has different models is much different than saying a company like Samsung has “different” models.

    Samsung’s “different” models are all touch-only devices of varying sizes of glass slabs and of varying plastics in their construction.

    BlackBerry’s actually varying models include low end, high end, and mid-range models based on hardware features and materials (although even the least expensive BlackBerrys have excellent build quality), physical keyboards devices, full touch devices, and now the Passport has a unique blend of both — talk about innovation!

    I know the Passport has taken some flak on its design (and some of it by me :( ) but I’m glad to see that BlackBerry is willing to break the mold on what a cell phone should look like; function > form. I will say that the more pictures I see of it, I’m starting to grow fonder of its design.

    Go BBRY, go!

  • Blackjack

    *ahem* yeah choice is great for those who have their choice available to them.
    What about my CHOICE of a Milan Sl locco_smiley_14 ider nik? Where is that one… hmmm???

    • Bigglybobblyboo

      Now… I could be wrong here… but I think, in a roundabout way… Blackjack is trying to tell us something….

      Aha! Yes! Got it!

      He wants a Z3.

  • Blackjack

    How ironic for a trackpad and slider hater to be talking about choice…….. ;) locco_smiley_17 locco_smiley_17

  • Ouch! Well, nik, notwithstanding Blackjack’s comments about your feelings on the trackpad, I think you made a great point, especially since I’m the proud owner of a Q10 and Z10 and soon to be Z30. My biggest problem is which device do I like the best!?!

    • nnik

      don’t know where he gets the slider thing from…. but track pads are about as useful as a home button when it comes to BB10

  • Oh nik, one other thing. It would be cool to have a pic of BB’s current lineup… and maybe another with the known future devices… I’ll try and find one with the current devices; if you want it.

    • nnik

      if you can find a picture, that would be great, I tried with no success