Chinese Phone Manufacturer LEAGOO Responds to Malware Alert

LEAGOO blames virus detectors for false flags.

Early this month an alert of malware being pre-installed on several Chinese manufacturers smartphones hit the wire. The infection was discovered by Kaspersky, who identified the problem as the banking malware Triada, and claimed it was being delivered out of the box. One of those Chinese manufacturers, LEAGOO, has now responded that this was a false alert.

The company claims that the malware detection utilized by Kaspersky falsely identified APK’s that are used for advertisements as malware. This is due to a different virus detection algorithm used between Chinese and foreign anti-virus software. The company states that there have been no reports of any of their users falling victim to bank fraud.

The phone maker has stated that upon discovery of the virus alert, they quickly resolved the false virus alert issue, and add that any user that is seeing any alerts, to update their device to the latest LEAGOO OS version, and if the users have any issues doing so they can return to the store they purchased their device from for help. They also promise to integrate the offending foreign algorithm in future builds to ensure future issues do not arise.

You can read the entire statement here.

Source: Neowin


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