Chili’s Suffers Payment Card Breach

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Chili’s restaurants parent company Brinker International has announced that malware had been found in some locations point of sale terminals. This malware had been stealing customer’s payment information. The information on the breach is limited at this point due to the recent discovery.

Brinker International discovered the malware in it’s networks on Friday, the same day that they released the announcement of the find. The malware was found to have been active between March and April of 2018, but as far as which restaurants were affected and how many customers had their payment information stolen is still in question.

Generally, in cases such as this, the affected companies will investigate the breach before divulging to the public of the attack. Brinker International instead chose to release the information immediately. While this means that the initial press release lacks information, it also serves as a warning for customers to be aware of their own accounts and watch for suspicious activity. As the company continues it’s investigation, more information will surely be forthcoming.

While I applaud Chili’s for rushing to get the news of the malware attack out to the public, I long for the day when companies care enough about security to where we’re not seeing the same sort of breaches with such regularity.


Source: Bleeping Computer


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