Chen Speaks Out about BBM Consumer

BlackBerry CEO Looks Ahead after the End of an Era

John Chen shared his thoughts today in a BlackBerry blog post about the end of BBM Consumer services. Rather than focus on the end of life for this beloved app, Chen spoke about the next step forward.

As a nod to the nostalgia for BBM Consumer, Chen gave a unique look inside his own use-case of the app. He spoke about private channels, stickers, and the way BBM kept him in touch with friends and family. It was an affectionate and somewhat intimate look at how this app affected the CEO. He graciously thanked fans for their continued outpouring of memories.

Encouraging users to move to BBMe, Chen speaks about the enhanced privacy and security options available to users. BBMe is an Enterprise application that has been trusted by businesses and world governments to secure their communications. BlackBerry made access to the app available to all users to ease the transition from BBM Consumer. Chen affirms that BlackBerry Messenger in any iteration will be the most secure options for users.

Chen reinforced their commitment to privacy and security by highlighting the end-to-end encryption available in BBMe. This continued focus has always been on the forefront for BlackBerry.

BBMe remains free for download and use for the first six months since the end of BBM Consumer. This app may not have the refined, consumer products that BBM users became accustomed to, but it does have enhanced, enterprise encryption and security features to keep your data and communication in your hands.

Check out the official words as a final farewell to BBM Consumer from BlackBerry’s CEO in his post on Inside BlackBerry’s Blog.

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