Chen poised to launch new BlackBerry phone


We have yet another Blackberry device article and I believe it is a fair representation of what is happening within the company.

There is very exciting news, a new Blackberry device is going to be launched and it is anticipated to be done on their live event on July 26th. This phone is to be expected to be a mid-range Android device. Here is a quote that explains the need to continue to make devices for the security minded government agencies and companies that need to protect their data.

The company needs to keep making phones for its most important government and corporate customers who see BlackBerry handsets as the most secure on the market, Chen told journalists on Tuesday at an event in New York to show off its software products. If it cut phones completely, those clients might abandon its software as well, he said.

If you haven’t read the following post about how the media is stuck on focusing devices sold by Blackberry, read it here. A great quote from the article truly focusses on the company as a whole.

“What we’ve done with this turnaround is amazing.”

And it is. John Chen and his team of turnaround artists have done more than just save the company, they pointed it in a whole new, very profitable direction. They’ve taken what was once a hardware company with amazing software, and turned it in to a software company with amazing hardware.

The conundrum here is that Blackberry can’t get out of the device business due to its customers’ needs; media can’t stop reporting the negative press about the small numbers of device sales; all while Blackberry are focusing themselves as a software and services company.

As an adamant Blackberry supporter, I want the company to continue to improve their devices, operating systems (BB10 and Android), and overall standing in the mobile and security world. But they are bigger and more involved in so many sectors, that I and many others forget the power of the company as a whole. The more we focus on the bigger picture, the more we will realise the company is doing what is necessary to diversify and grow. If we think that being an arm-chair CEO will help the company. we need to get over ourselves.

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