Chen Is Confident In BlackBerry’s Roots.

BlackBerry Means Business
BlackBerry Means Business

A recent interview with John Chen again stated that he does see handsets going forward.

Stating “I’m quite confident that we can save the patient” in regards to the handset division, Chen further did state that if it did come down to it, that with the software and enterprise systems . “I will be able to create a lot of value for our shareholder even without handset business, but I can create more with the handset business.”

With an “80/20″ split on handsets staying in play for the company, that still leaves it a little in the air with regards to exactly where the company is going forward. Though a device geared toward telecom companies is currently in the works now as well as services for medical companies based with high security in mind.  So that 80% is still looking upwards yet.

Between these revelations and the newer attempts at breaking into health care markets due to the secure servers, it makes Chen’s comment of “I am not by any shape of the imagination … giving up yet” a bit more comforting.  Focusing on the security aspects BlackBerry has been known for in the past and only getting better at these days is a niche market… a market BlackBerry knows all too well and has many pro’s in its corner to capitalize in a big way.
So let’s see it Mr. Chen.
Keep BlackBerry strong!

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