CheckM8, Your Trusty Old iPhone is Permanentely Unsafe

A new jailbreak exists for modern iPhones which Apple won’t be able to patch.

A new iPhone exploit has been announced that has iPhone jailbreakers excited. Apple has gone silent. This announcement was made on Twitter by user axi0mX, and tells of a bootrom exploit, which Apple will not be able to patch.

The vulnerability lives within the iPhone bootrom. This is the first software to run upon starting the device, and is a read only file. Because of this Apple will be unable to patch this exploit. Instead, this is a permanent exploit which affects every iPhone from the 4S to the iPhone X and 8. At this point it appears that the newest iPhones with the ugly camera clusters appear to be safe.

This is early life for the Checkm8 jailbreak. It is currently a tethered jailbreak, meaning that physical access will be required to perform the jailbreak, however we can only assume that a jailbreak of this magnitude will see a lot of activity. Surely there will be tools arriving soon to make it easier for iPhone jailbreakers, and of course, malware creators.



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