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I had been a few days since I had been over to look at, which we previously spoke about here. Those of you that don’t want to click the link or remember the post, is a collection of people that have sent in their bent iPhones. If you recall, Apple stated that only 9 people had been affected by this. As of right now, there are now 373 cases on their website. Don’t you wonder how smart a smartphone can be when it’s created by people that can’t count past 9?

Thanks to my buddy Ken, I was reminded of the site when he told me that there was a case that would be of great interest to me. Off I run to check, and there it is, one page back, number 362 of the 9. An editor of The Verge.

image via The Verge
image via The Verge

We know The Verge all too well here at UTB. The Verge, in my opinion second only to BGR in terms of BlackBerry Trolling and iPhone Fanboism. Which, in all fairness, given our own leaning here at UTB, it’s only fair that there would be people of differing opinions. The difference though, is that The Verge and BGR don’t claim their bias, instead pretending to be fair and balanced bloggers as they push their agenda. Not to get too far off track here though.

Dan Seifert, editor at The Verge, had a bent iPhone. And he even took the opportunity to make a post about it. However, his experience has proven to be very different than many other iPhone 6 users. In Dan’s story, he tells how he purchased the phone on the first day it was available and had been using it as his daily driver for the last 6 weeks. Apparently Dan takes great care of his devices, keeping his phone in it’s case, and yet one evening he noticed that his iPhone was bent. Dan had a happy ending to his story, he took his phone to the Apple store and was given a replacement. Sadly though, not all are being given that option. Back over at many users are reporting that Apple is refusing to replace their bendy phones.

I’ve got to say, I am really liking whoever runs He’s being extremely helpful to those iPhone users that aren’t getting the same treatment that Dan received. He’s made vouchers for people to take in to the Apple store with them.



I’d love to see how a genius clerk would react being handed one of these.

But it brings to light a serious issue. There is a problem with the bendy iPhone. We all know it. This is no longer in question. Publicly, Apple has downplayed the issue. But it appears they do not know how to react. Do they replace these phones that are bending through normal use? Or do they blame the customers and leave them stranded with an unsafe phone? At this point, it sounds like iPhone users are at the whim of what ever clerk they happen to get when they go in to the stores. And that, is not good for customers. Apple needs to put a policy in place and stand by it. And hopefully, it is one that is good for their customers.

Did you happen to catch I said unsafe phones up there? Sure bent phones are unpleasant, perhaps even unusable, and surely a waste of money to the poor marks that ran out and purchased the phone. Why unsafe you may ask?

Because another exploding iPhone has been reported. Actually two. One by a Chinese user who claims to have just been using the phone when it exploded.

ip6_collage (2)

The other case, was much more purposeful in nature. An angry boyfriend bent a users phone in half, and boom it went.


You see, while the soft aluminum casing on an iPhone can be as malleable as a new can of Play-Doh, and while we all know iPhone screens can continue to work after they’ve been inevitably shattered to bits, the batteries inside get angry when bent. Explosively angry.

iPhone 6 two months in: more bends than an origami rabbit, and three extreme hand warmer cases later. When will Apple make this right by their consumers?


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