Check Out Pi Music Player, My New Favorite Music App For Priv.


Everybody loves music. And everybody loves a great music player.

The ones I like are quick, simple but functional, nice looking, with some cool features. Pi Music Player fits this bill for me, and maybe it will for you. Let’s take a look!

I like my tunes. I like to stream, and I like to cruise through my locally stored library of music as well. I tripped over the nice looking Pi Music Player by #Project100Pi the other day and I think this one might stick.


The main interface looks great with album art well displayed, along with controls we’re all used to including shuffle, back, play, forward, and repeat. At the top you have access to your song list, equalizer, and menu.


The EQ works very well and has numerous canned choices such as Rock, Jazz, Heavy Metal, etc for presets. On top of that you can manipulated each preset to your liking.


One of the coolest, or most useful features is the built-in ring tone cutter/creator that let’s you fill your boots making ring tones from anything you happen to have in your library.


As  you can see, you are able to manipulate the start, ending, and duration of the clip to use as your ring tone. The app will save the clip and then ask you if you want to save it as your default ring tone. Yeah!


Yet another cool feature is the ability to use a “Sleep Timer”. If you start up your favorite playlist, you can open the sleep timer and enter an amount of time in any combination of hours/minutes/seconds. When that amount of time expires Pi Music will stop playing and await your next command. Great to set some music to fall asleep to that won’t wake you up later!

I like Pi. BlackBerry Pi especially, but this Pi comes a close second and it runs on a BlackBerry to boot! The Rock EQ preset makes my Priv sound way better. Not Z30 better, but better!

It’s free

It has no ads

It has no permission requirements apart from storage access to your music library, and your phone in order to create that ring tone.

Simple… try it out!




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