Characters Crashing iOS, Why Does This Keep Happening?

Remember all those previous times that a text character caused iOS to crash? Well here’s another one.

Imagine if someone sent you a message that caused your cell phone to crash. Not due to any sort of hacking or malware, but simply because of a character that was typed in the message? Now imagine that just keeps happening, time after time, with different characters. You now know what it feels like to be an iOS user.

This time the character is from the Indian language known as Telugu. If the character is placed in a text field within the app, the app will force close. If the character is received by way of an email or messaging app, the device will freeze, shut down, and upon restarting, do the whole thing all over again, thanks to the notification system again attempting to render the character. You can see the bug in action in the following tweet from Mashable editor Pete Pachal.

The bug is not only present on Apple’s mobile operating system. It will also affect macOS High Sierra, tvOS, and watchOS. Apple is working on a fix, and it appears beta versions of their operating systems are not affected.

With Apple’s proprietary software and closed garden approach to tech, we tend to see issues within it’s ecosystem that we just don’t see anywhere else. Phones crashing due to old batteries or text symbols seem so alien to users of other platforms. Doesn’t it seem like Apple would look to those other platforms to determine how to fix those problems that seem to repeat themselves every few months?

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Source: PC Mag


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