Chalk Up Yet Another Win To QNX and Why It Matters

QNX has taken another leap forward with the automotive industry and has helped Audi win the award for “Best Connected Car”.  The dash and most of the vehicles electronics and communication systems of the vehicle are QNX powered on the new Audi.

“Electronics play a key role in vehicle connectivity. Our team has worked hard here over the last few years. Awards like this spur us on to further pioneering achievements,” added Ricky Hudi, Head of Electrics/Electronics Development at AUDI AG.

This award was coveted and worked towards by several auto makers, cellphone handheld makers,  and even cellular carriers. So this partnership on this project winning the top spot is a big deal for the electronics aspect of the automotive industry. A new door opening for what is a glimpse to come… in handheld and mobile platforms.

We here have been keeping tabs upon QNX in the automotive industry for some time, there are a few easing why tabs are kept and why we pass the info along to our readers.  In many opinions it very well be the next step for mobile computing. With many companies integrating mobile devices to pair with vehicles it is just the next logical step. QNX shows great uniqueness and adaptability to move the bar higher and set the rules of the game.

Manufacturers such as Chrysler and Audi have already been incorporating sim card slots into the media centers of vehicles to not only offer a full on mobile experience of a cell phone built in (not unlike early car phones if you remember or experienced those) to even full on hot spots without having to use your personal device or its mobile plan.

The consumer at one point was yelling for smaller and smaller, then the acts of mobile computing became more and more apparent, now bigger and bigger is called for. How much bigger and more convenient can you strive for than your vehicle, if you wish to go so far that is.

Picture if you will, a movable hot spot, video and music player, conference call center, text read back and voice to text etc all while you and or your family and friends sit in the comfort of your vehicle on a trip or even into work.

These days in the mobile market it is no longer about being better, it’s about the next step up the ladder on your competition. This very well can be the next step up the ladder, and it looks as if QNX is the one erecting the ladder to climb in the first place.

Miles @mopar_fxr

Source: QNX Auto, Volkswagenag


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