CF PillPad HD Updated App In BBWorld NOW

We all either know someone, take care of a dear close one or even maybe yourself that takes maybe multiple medications and have multiple doctors.  This latest update of CF PillPad HD helps with some of the possible struggles that may occur with any of these scenarios.  Being a full native BB10 app, it functions fluidly throughout navigating what you want to do within the app.  This app can help you with everything to your doctors appointments to scheduling your prescriptions refills as it will integrate into your bb10’s native calendar.




Also it now has integrated pharmacy information for the United State, Canada and the United Kingdom.  Select your country and most major pharmacies are listed.   From here you may go into that particular Pharmacy’s website and depending on their access from mobile sites may shop or refill prescriptions right from within the app.



Another added bonus with this app now is the linking of medical websites from within the app.  Sites like Web MD to Mayo Clinic for added information you may need on the go.


Add this all together and now the linking with BBM also, you can help share the app, and also the cause in which inspired the app in the first place with a link to the CF / Aware Channel.

Yet another native app that is worth a good look, it may be more useful than you think.  Some have even said that they use it to help keep track of their pets meds and vet visits along with their own personal uses, just another idea.


So go grab CF PillPad HD  by Don at Alede Designs over in Blackberry World.  For a limited time it is just $0.99 until it goes back to regular price of $2.99.

Lets SUPPORT our Native Dev’s!  BB10 ON everyone!

Miles @mopar_fxr