CONSOLIDATED ANALYSIS CENTER INCORPORATED or CACI International as it’s known has teamed up with the best in the business in the creation of the first Securely Certified Mobile Application…

BlackBerry and CACI International introduced this application to allow government employees to securely communicate via text & calls without any form of compromise. Commercially via the Mobile Device Management platforms of Android and iOS devices, this application is made available to more than 4 million government issued mobile phones. The collaboration between BlackBerry and CACI will disregard alternate applications that do not meet US Federal Security Standards.

“…Our client base is increasingly mobile. We believe that U.S. Government employees, Chief Information Officers, and Chief Information Security Officers should have confidence their cell phone calls, and text messages are secure and protected to the same standard as government email. CACI and BlackBerry developed this capability to mitigate evolving threats and meet our customer’s needs.”

John Mengucci, CACI President and Chief Executive Officer.


SecuSUITE from BlackBerry relating to Government software already exceeds Federal requirements, thus this application was built from scratch to meet the stringent guidelines of the National Security Agency’s Commercial Solution for Classified or CSFC. The product also passed NSA solution for SECRET CSfC standards. It now forms part of the NSA approved vendor list for certified mobile solutions. Accessible through the GSA-70 the product is currently in the process of obtaining FedRAMP certification!

 “…BlackBerry is trusted by all seven of the G7 governments and has received some of the highest scores in the industry. We look forward to offering our secure communications solutions to even more government users that need to meet or exceed the most stringent regulation requirements.”

John Chen, BlackBerry Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

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With alliances like these BlackBerry has proven again and again that it is the go-to reliability Security Software Solution for governments around the globe. It’s outlook on security like this partnership with CACI is sternly focussed on trustable infrastructures gilded in vistas of future success. BlackBerry and CACI International made an application that is unquestionably a game changer…and this is just the beginning!

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