CEO John Chen Speaks with BNN About the Next 5 Years for BlackBerry

BlackBerry CEO John Chen was interviewed by BNN to talk about the continuation of his contract for the next five years. John Chen is known to have turned Blackberry into a profitable company and is undoubtedly a success in the business world.

In the interview itself, Chan talks about BlackBerry’s future plans. Of course the headlines, and this anchor was more focused on the salary and the relatively large bonuses that Chen would earn on the assumption that the BlackBerry share price would grow to new heights. In one of the questions from the anchor, he asked Chen how many houses could be purchased when he referred to Chen being theoretically able to earn about $ 300 million over the next five years. Chan said he had lived in the same house for 25 years and that he was not doing this job for the money.

Chen also talked about the decision to switch from smartphone hardware to BlackBerry’s focus on QNX and the IoT.

Watch the interview below.

Roy Shpitalnik

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