Watch over your belongings with CCTV Observation Camera


Following John Chen’s CES interview in which he voiced his continued support for BB10, BlackBerry native Devs also continue to show their support for our favourite mobile OS. The latest developer to step up to the plate is QtHelex (aka Michael Muth) with his latest app, CCTV observation camera.

CCTV connects with PushBullet, a cross-device information sharing service (there is a BlackBerry native client for PushBullet, named BlackBullet, in BlackBerry World – also made by QtHelex and available here).

CCTV takes photos at regular intervals and sends selected images to your PushBullet account, allowing you to keep watch on your house, garden or almost anything – from a remote location.

We recommend downloading CCTV onto a spare BlackBerry 10 device and downloading BlackBullet on your primary BB10 device before use – that way you can access photos sent from the CCTV app using your daily driver, wherever you may happen to be!

Using the CCTV app is simple – set up your spare BlackBerry in a secure position (using duct tape or a tripod, for example) so it is connected to WiFi and pointing at whatever you want to keep watch over. Open CCTV and sign in to your PushBullet account, set how often you want the app to take an image and tap the PushBullet icon. CCTV will take photos regularly (every 6 seconds is the default setting), comparing each to the one before to determine any changes in what the camera can “see”.

If there is a large enough change, CCTV will send the photo to your PushBullet account, and it will be visible from your primary device using the BlackBullet app, allowing you to see what your spare device can ‘see’.

Having used CCTV for a day or two (in conjunction with BlackBullet), I have to say I’m impressed with how well the app works. It’s a simple idea, presented elegantly and effectively. Images forwarded to PushBullet appear in the BlackBullet app almost instaneously, and can be viewed and deleted easily.
So if you want to keep an eye on things when you’re not at home, CCTV observation camera could be the native BB10 app you’ve been looking for!

Download CCTV observation camera from BlackBerry World for $2.00/£1.50 here; BlackBullet can be found in BlackBerry World for free here.

Using CCTV or BlackBullet? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the Comments section, and don’t forget to join our forum here.

Jon Hunnings

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  • Wayno

    Thanks for the tip Brizberry! This app looks interesting and I’m going to give this and Blackbullet a go.

  • kpbutton

    What a great use of an extra phone and tech to keep looking after your stuff.

  • jrohland

    Not wanting to add yet another online personality to the Internet, is it possible to use some other cloud store (Box or Dropbox for example) instead of PushBullet?

  • Blackjack

    wow great find Mr Briz! since most of my spare devices sit at home when I’m gone anyway, why not give them a job! bought the app.